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Short term rent Israel, Zikhron Yakov, "Shirat Ayam" (זיכרון יעקב, שירת הים)
Added: 24.12.2020

Monthly rental of a small but gorgeous studio is raffled off.


For the first time, we are holding a monthly rental draw.

For the period from March 17 to April 16, 2021 this small studio of 28 sq.m. can be yours for only € 99.

The studio is located in the stunning city of Zichron Yakov, perhaps one of the most magnificent places in Israel. This is where the Israelis themselves want to live.

Zichron Yakov is a French provence in Israel. The city center is filled with the aroma of fresh baked goods, the sidewalks are paved with cobblestones, the city is buried in greenery and surrounded by vineyards.

The “Shirat Ayam” complex, where the offered studio is located, is adjacent to the park “HaNadiv”. This is a magnificent arboretum that houses the family crypt of Baron Rothschild.

It is close to all – Jewish, Christian and Catholic shrines.

In March-April, the swimming season already opens. The wild Mayan Tsvi beach is just a 20-minute drive away. These are kilometers of the purest sand. By the way, the studio has a spacious balcony with a stunning sea view.

Israel is famous for its medicine and medical tourism. From Zichron Yakov you can easily get to the leading clinics in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The studio is renovated and fully furnished with everything you need. The complex where the studio is located is guarded. There is security on the floor from 6 pm to 6 am. The complex has a separate laundry room. There is a public transport stop right outside the complex. The city center is no more than 15-minute walk.

Only 20 tickets for €99. Chance to win is 1/20!

The winner of the draw will be randomly selected in live stream on one of the independent channels in Twitch, immediately upon reaching the required number of participants.

The winner of the draw will be provided with a transfer from the airport as well.

If, for any reasons related to Covid or others, the winner is unable to arrive to Israel on the specified dates, he\she will be paid €600 as a prize.

So: for just €99 you may win a stunning studio rental in an amazing location in Israel. To improve your chances – buy several tickets.


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