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Exclusive residential apartments Russia
Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 30
Added: 18.11.2020

Real estate can be classified as economy, business or TOP class. But  any real estate is, first of all, a place. Place.

By participating in this contest, 10 euro only can make you the owner of something more than just a real estate, you can win a real work of art embodied in square meters.

An absolutely stunning place located in the capital of Russia, its heart – Moscow. Kutuzovskiy prospect, 30. Quiet wing of a building on the government highway. On the bank of the Moskva River, overlooking the business Сity of the capital, where you can get by just crossing the Bagration pedestrian bridge. You will find the best of the service sector, beautiful squares, high-status schools (the Alexandrov Music School) and, of course, the Moskva River embankment in this quiet, green and well-groomed courtyards!

The building itself is a magnificent embodiment of the Stalinist Empire style, built in 1949 according to the project of architects Z.M. Rosenfeld and A.V. Gurkov and has a rich history. Opera singer Arthur Eisen, a historian and diplomat I.I. Udaltsov lived here, N.A. Shchelokov spent here his last years.

The presented apartment, which you have a chance to win, is located on the 10th, top floor and a loft equipped above it according to a special project. 192.6 square meters on two levels.

The quality of the general construction and repair works, finishing works, engineering solutions, as well as the materials used is worthy of the highest praise. Reinforced interfloor ceilings, separate electrical power introduced through a protected cable into the apartment, and armored windows.

Everything is exclusive here. Italian marble on the floor, onyx on the bathroom walls, crystal stair railings, gilding, custom-made furniture from the best craftsmen around the world, handmade carpets. In this stunning apartment, every element is thought out and executed at the highest standard and with love. All together this is a work of art, which you can become the owner of for 10 euro ONLY!

At the same time, the market value of this apartment, which is rather difficult to estimate, taken into consideration the crisis conjuncture of the real estate market and the “swing” of the foreign exchange market, is in the range from 1 to 2 million euros.

10 euro ONLY which you can win this absolutely unique property for, including all taxes, duties and fees!

The determination of the winner of this contest/ drawing will take place immediately upon reaching the required 520,000 participants and will be hold absolutely randomly in the real time by an independent streamer on one of the Twitch channels.

The realization period for this lot through the contest / lottery mechanism is 1 year.

If you want to increase your winning chances – buy several tickets.

So, what do you choose – a cup of coffee with a croissant for 10 euro, even let’s say sitting at a table in a street cafe in Paris, or a chance to become the owner of the unique real estate?


According to the Terms and Conditions, in case of failure to achieve the required number of bidders or withdrawing the property from sale by the owner, we reserve the right to replace the property with an object with similar characteristics.

MyEasySell – sale, rent of real estate through a contest/ lottery mechanism at prices higher than the current market. If you want to sell or to rent your property at a higher price than the current market, write to us.

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