My Easy Sell Sicily property for 1 euro Is that possible to buy a house or an apartment in Portugal, Spain or Italy for just 1 euro? The answer is yes.

Picturesque places of Italy, Sardinia, Sicily – on the sites of the local municipalities you can find the announcements about holding the auctions with a starting price of 1 euro.
Having made a decision to buy such a property object, you undertake the obligations (burden) to carry out the necessary reconstruction. As a rule, such property is sold together with the reconstruction pre-project or project. The cost of renovation starts from 15,000 euros. Another 5,000 euros the owner will usually need to put on deposit until the completion of the required restoration works.

The object reconstruction obligations include, as a rule, an analogue of the planning and restoration task. In other words, they limit the owner in changing the characteristics of the real estate object, single out the individual elements, such as facades of buildings that require restoration or preservation and restrict the choice of possible materials. However, in the end you become the owner of the European real estate. The definition of these objects as “historical” is conditional in this case.

Why is this happening? The reasons are different. The empty property, while requiring the payment of taxes, is transferred to the municipalities’ ownership. The municipalities, in their turn, having the tasks to develop the region, look for the ways to attract investors and to revive the abandoned villages. The situation was exacerbated by the economic crisis of 2015 – 2017 (Greece, Spain...), the earthquakes at the territory of Italy etc. Nowadays the real estate auctions are not already uncommon. Somewhere it is about the mortgage real estate, somewhere just about the empty property that requires a certain capital work. The main disadvantage is that auctions are scattered and information is fragmented. Each municipality, canton or state has its own policy. Nevertheless, this is the fact that a country cottage in Sardinia or Sicily is not such an expensive dream today.

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