My Easy Sell How the reader of the blogger Varlamov unsuccessfully tried to skip the Russian Federation legislation on the conduct of lotteries, and how the whole thing ended.

Stories are different, beautiful and not so. And sometimes the hard foul-ups happen.
As you probably know, the monopoly on holding lotteries at the territory of Russian Federation belongs to the state. Still there are always some loopholes, as no one can forbid you to offer a certain product and to give a coupon with it for the “free participation” in drawing of your own apartment? Therefore, the reader of the blogger Varlamov has decided to announce the drawing of an apartment “for free”, when buying the promotional codes.

Does this approach have the right to life? In principle, yes, of course. Today, the real estate contest or lottery drawings is already one of the rare sale methods for developers and realtors. And though in case of developers this is still a rare practice, for example, in France, one of the real estate agencies wants to put the sale of real estate through contests or lotteries on stream due to the crisis. However, the readers of Varlamov’s blog said NO. The required number of the promotional codes or what else was offered there was not sold out, and as a result, the project site is no longer available. And we understand them. As well as we understand the regulators! The lottery sphere has compromised itself too much.

By the way, in that very post of Varlamov the readers’ comments are impressive. But this is a separate topic, of course. What do we think about this story? We believe that such a mechanism, where the property owner can put his property on sale in the form of a contest or lottery prize, and thus can get the desired price, probably even higher than the market one, and where everyone has a chance to win a property in the contest for, let’s say, 100 USD, must exist. We all should have such opportunity! Just the platform for it needs to be transparent, without "promo codes" and other curve paths.

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