with minimal investment:

game for someone, sales tool for us. That’s why it’s real!

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To sell or to rent

your property in crisis

at the pre-crisis prices has never been so easy. How does it work?

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Available objects


Tickets split took place

1-bedroom apartment, 42.2 sq.m. Moscow region, Dolgoprudnyi,
Novy Boulevard str.
Chanсes: 1 / 47000
Cost of participation: 5 €
Total tickets: 44764
Exclusive residential apartments Russia
Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 30
Chanсes: 1 / 520000
Cost of participation: 10 €
Total tickets: 518958
All objects

no objects found

All objects

no objects found

All objects
1-bedroom apartment for RENT, 63 sq.m. Ukraine, Kiev, Kozhumiatska Street Chanсes: 1 / 2300
Cost of participation: 12 €
Total tickets: 2284
Studio apartment for RENT, 40 sq.m. Russia, Moscow, Spiridonovka Street Chanсes: 1 / 6750
Cost of participation: 4 €
Total tickets: 5260
All objects
Real Estate Auction Aggregator

Authorization is required to get access to the auction aggregator and/or to sell or to rent the own property through the contest mechanism.


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