My Easy Sell How it works

Take part in the contest – win an apartment to ownership or lease. How does it work?

How to participate in the “House Contest” Our vision as the team of “My Easy Sell” project is that any opportunities offered to the users on our site are nothing more but tools for buying/selling and property managing. These tools may not be accepted as market standards. However, we consider the contest with a real estate object as the main prize, or the real estate auction, as the legitimate ways to dispose of property and the chance to the rest to get the property in ownership or rent with the minimal personal investment.
Can the users of the resource “My Easy Sell” sell their own real estate property using the contest mechanism? As the owner, aiming to increase the value of the property, you can provide the real estate owned by you as a prize for the contest. Wherein you yourself determine the value that you want to get for your property and the number of participants in the contest. According to the results of the contest, in which your property will be provided as a prize, the standard purchase/sale procedure will take place - you will receive funds for the sold property, and the winner of the contest will become its legal owner.
Aggregator of the real estate auctions. Is it possible to put up your own property for auction? The implemented algorithm of the real estate auction aggregator is primarily aimed to private investors who want to view the accumulated information about the real estate auction lots in one place, regardless of the country or the host of the auction. Our task is to combine up-to-date information from as maximum as possible number of the real estate auctions at My Easy Sell and to enable our users to view the data in the convenient interface. Thus, the My Easy Sell user will be able to find a beneficial investment object abroad or a better offer in the country.
How does it work for a winner? When choosing an object of the contest you want to participate in, please pay attention to the indicated odds. If it is stated that the chances of winning are 1/2000 with the electronic ticket cost of 99 USD, this means that the draw will take place after 2000 tickets of 99 USD each are sold out. If you want to increase your chances - answer the contest question and buy two e-tickets for 99 USD, thus giving yourself the chances of 1 to 1000. After you make a transaction, you will receive a number or numbers participating in the contest to your specified email address. As soon as the required number of participants is achieved, the contest live draw will be held. The dates and the results of the particular draw can be found in the appropriate section.